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Body Weight Exercises - Core
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The most important component of exercise is movement. While that seems simple enough, there is a right and wrong way to move. Muscles attach to bones to create movement through contraction and relaxation. There are very specific directions and movement patterns the body is designed to do effectively. Incorrect movement and body position results in a loss of strength and opens the body to injury. It would be very difficult for someone without a good understanding of human movement patterns to give advise on how to exercise effectively. This is the reason why Productive Fitness prides itself in working with some of the top fitness industry professionals who have spent years studying human movement.

 Andre Noel Potvin

Andre Noel Potvin

Andre Noel Potvin MSc, CES, CSCS, ASCM: is a fitness educator and rehabilitation exercise specialist with 28 years of leadership experience and 18 years of specialization in clinical exercise and post-injury rehabilitation. He is the former managing partner of EnerChanges Medical, Health, Anti-Aging and Fitness Clinic in Vancouver. Andre holds a M.Sc. in cardiac rehabilitation from the University of British Columbia, where he served for 4 years on the teaching faculty of the School of Human Kinetics . He is a certified Clinical Exercise Specialist (CES) of the American Council on Exercise and an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Certified Personal Trainer. Andre is also founding president and owner of INFOFIT Educators School for Fitness Professionals and a BCRPA Trainer of fitness leaders. Andre was awarded as the BCRPA Educator of the Year and BCRPA Program Director of the Year. Andre is proud to be a Vega Ambassador. He is frequently invited to lecture at international certification and continuing education seminars for personal trainers, chiropractors, physiotherapists and registered kinesiologists.

Products Andre has worked on: Dumbbell Handbook, Body Ball Handbook, Medicine Ball Handbook, Balance and Stability Handbook, Resistance Tubing Handbook, Foam Roller Handbook, Kettlebell Handbook, Speed Bag Handbook, Heavy Bag Handbook, Dumbbell Posters, Body Ball Poster, Resistance Tubing Posters, Stretching Posters, Home Gym Posters,

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Becky Swan Athletic Therapist

Becky Swan

Becky Swan BHK, BAHSc, CAT(C): is a certified Athletic Therapist and is the Fitness Coordinator for the Vancouver Police Department. She plays a vital role in not only keeping the members in top condition, but she also works with them on injury prevention, care and rehabilitation.
As an Athletic Therapist, Becky has the skills and expertise required to prescribe high level condition programs as well as manual and active rehabilitation programs to the injured members of the VPD. Becky works as a therapist with various sports teams such as the U20 Canadian Woman's National Soccer Team, the Canadian Woman's Sr. National Field Hockey Team and provincial soccer teams. In her spare time, Becky stays fit while training for marathons and ultra marathons, often combining the training with raising money for various charities.

Products Becky has worked on: Battle Rope Poster, Myofascial Release, Elliptical Poster, Dumbbell workout Poster Set, Trigger Point,

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James Talo

James Talo

Jim Talo RKC: has an extensive background in individual and team sports. His endeavors have ranged from track and field to lacrosse and the martial art, aikido. However, it wasn't until Jim suffered a spinal injury in 1993 where his appreciation for the human body and how it should optimally move and function became apparent. This injury shifted his attention to the method of kettlebell lifting and the teachings of some of the world's best coaches. He began his search for knowledge on this niche sport and obtained his first kettlebell certification in 2004. Since his first kettlebell certification with the Russian Kettlebell Challenge (RKC), Jim has explored further with six additional application certifications from the RKC, American Kettlebell Club and Agatsu. Jim continues to study the kettlebell’s application along with other complimentary modalities for sport and performance through workshops under the tutelage of Pavel Tsatsouline, Valery Federenko, Steve Cotter and Marty Farrel to only name a few. And he is actively practicing his craft working with clients, conducting workshops and educating the public.

Products Jim has worked on: The Great Kettlebell Handbook, Kettlebell Poster, The Great Kettlebell DVD,

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Chad Benson

Chad Benson

Chad Benson MSc, BSc, BPE, CSCS, Practicing Kinesiologist, CanFitPro PTS: was educated at the University of Victoria and Memorial University of NL, Chad is the Director of Education for the British Columbia Personal Training Institute (BCPTI), Director of Fitness Education (Steve Nash Fitness Clubs) & Owner of ARC Performance Training Systems Ltd. His recent Kinesiologist / Strength & Conditioning Coach involvement includes contracts with the Canadian National Sailing & Woman's Basketball Team. Past experiences include sub-contracted & consultant strength & conditioning roles with the Vancouver Canucks, Canadian Sport Center, B2Ten, BC Lions, Twist Conditioning, Vancouver Ravens. Chad also has applied expertise with myofascial release, trigger point therapy, MAT, functional movement testing & sport rehabilitation. Educationally, Chad is a member of the JCC & CanFitPro Advisory Boards and has delivered educational content to the NSCA, AOSSM, BCRPA, CATA, CFP, CSEP & IDEA. In his spare time Benson enjoys the odd newfie joke, lifting, keeping fit, exploring scientific journals, indulging in red wine, recreational hockey, tennis, great friends and warm weather destinations.

Products Chad has worked on: Balance and Stability Handbook

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Bill Luke

Bill Luke

Dr. Bill Luke, PhD, MSc, BPE, CSCS: is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Registered Kinesiologist (BACK) and Trainer of Fitness Leaders with BCRPA. He has been teaching and developing fitness leaders, personal trainers, kinesiologists and exercise specialists for 20 +years. In addition, he is directly involved in developing both in-class and on-line certification options for weight training instructors, personal trainers and older adult activity leaders.

Products Bill has worked on: Barbell Handbook

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Leila Stuart

Leila Stuart

Leila Stuart RMT: has been teaching experiential anatomy and yoga therapy to both teachers and students since 1993 . Her yoga classes focus on student populations with pathologies that would prevent them from participating in regular yoga classes. She believes that when students understand what they look like inside, how structures are supposed to move and then consciously experience their anatomy, they can use this knowledge to participate in their own healing. Drawing on her passion for anatomy and her professional experience specializing in structural realignment and movement repatterning, she developed and teaches Centerpoint Yoga Therapy and in Vancouver, Canada. Her intention is to create the conditions for students to cultivate a felt sense of bone, muscle, joint, fascia, organs and body systems and then apply this intelligence to bring depth and wholeness to asana. The physical body becomes the doorway to the deeper teachings of yoga

Products Leila has worked on: Yoga Handbook,

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