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Fitness Posters

Battle Rope
Body Ball Exercises - Core
Body Ball Exercises - Upper Body/Lower Body
Body Ball Set (2 Posters)
Body Weight Exercises - Lower Body
Body Weight Exercises - Upper Body
Body Weight Exercises - Core
Body Weight Exercise Set (3 Posters)
Dumbbell Exercises - Shoulders & Arms
Dumbbell Exercises - Lower Body/Core/Chest & Back
Dumbbell Set (2 Posters)
Dumbbell Workout Poster/Chart Set
Female Muscle Diagram
Fitness Area Rules
Fitness Heart Rate Chart
Functional Trainer Basics
Functional Trainer Advanced
Functional Trainer Set (2 Posters)
Handstand (NEW)
Heart Rate Set (2 Posters)
Home Gym Exercises
Kettlebell Poster
Male Muscle Diagram
Medicine Ball Exercises
Plyometrics (NEW)
Rating of Perceived Exertion
Resistance Tubing Exercises - Lower Body
Resistance Tubing Exercises - Upper Body
Resistance Tubing Set (2 Posters)
Sandbag (NEW)
Stretching - Upper Body
Stretching - Lower Body
Stretching Set (2 Posters)
Yoga Asanas

Cardio Posters

Indoor Cycle
Recumbent Bike
Rowing Machine
Cardio Equipment Set

Medical Posters

Fitness Heart Rate
Rating of Perceived Exertion
Heart Rate Set
Foam Roller
Trigger Point Poster Set
Trigger Point and Foam Roller Bundle
Clinical Poster Set

Sports Posters

Field Hockey
Football Defense
Football Offense
Ice Hockey
Sports Poster 10 Pack

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Q: The online shipping charges seem high, can I save on shipping?

A: We use Fedex and USPS modules to automatically calculate our online shipping charges. While they are convenient and easy, they do not always give the best rate options on shipping. If you call us (1-800-994-9097) we can often process your order for less than what the online store can do. Truth be told, shipping is expensive but we want to get your product to you in the most cost efficient method possible.
A: If you are ordering from Canada make sure you go to our Canadian site

Q: I’m from Australia (any foreign country) and I’m having trouble entering my address when placing an order.

A: When you get to the page where you enter your information go about halfway down the page and select your home country first. The page will reset to accommodate your specific postal codes and address fields.

Q: Do you guarantee delivery?

A: Delivery is handle by either Fedex or USPS and is out of our control. If you select a service that has tracking or confirmation, we will resend your product if it doesn’t arrive within one month from the time of ordering at no extra cost to you. If you choose to ship at the most basic, non-traceable, level then it is at our discretion as to whether we will send your order out again.

Q: What about delivery time, do you guarantee that?

A: On our part, we will do our best to get your order the same or next business day. Unfortunately we cannot take responsibility for the time it takes to get your product through the different service providers. Note: If the delivery time is taking unreasonably long then we will look into it for you and possibly resend product (at our discretion).

Q: Where do you ship from?

A: US warehouse is 1645 Jill’s Court, WA 98226 and Canadian warehouse is 18525 53rd Ave. Surrey, BC V4A 9V2.


Digital Products

Q: What are eBooks and ePosters?

A: Our great digital series of products are designed to be used in an electronic format to be viewed on desktop and laptop computers, digital products may also be viewed on compatible smartphones and tablet devices. Provided they are compatible with the PDF format. To ensure compatibility we recommend you visit your devices manufacturer before purchasing any of our digital products.

Q: How do I get my Digital Downloads?

A: After purchase of a downloadable product you will receive an email with a link to download to your computer. You may also retrieve downloadable products from your productivefitness account by logging in here: My Account and viewing your order history.

Q: Is it possible to download directly to my smartphone?

A: Depending on your type of smartphone or tablet and installed software, Yes it is possible with eBooks and ePosters (excludes ebook collection) after you receive your download link tap the link to go to the download page and click to download your product. After the PDF is loaded into your browser you may be able to open it an appropriate program such as iBooks, or a compatible PDF Reader app. It may take several minutes to download the product depending on your connection speed. It is recommend to download products to your computer first before adding to to your chosen device.

Q: Is their a license on the digital products?

A: At the present time the digital downloads contain a personal license that allow you to use it for yourself.
However the following is permitted:
If you are a personal trainer and would like to show a client(s) how to perform an exercise.
If you need to print out pages for viewing.
If you need to make digital copies for back up purposes.
The following is not permitted:
Printing out copies and supplying other individuals with it.
Making accessible the products on a filesharing program/service or hardware.
Reselling the digital products.

All content from Productive Fitness is copyright and protected under law.


Placing an Order

Q: I don't want to use my credit card online is their another way to order?

A: Yes, you may call in your order (click here) for contact information. Or you may fax in your order from one of our downloadable pdf order sheets and then fax it in to us.



Q: What kind of online security does Productive Fitness use?

A: Productive Fitness uses 128 bit SSL security. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. SSL encrypts data when it it travels from your computer to our server. Without SSL all the computers that the information goes through would be able to view confidential information like credit card numbers or any other information entered into a web site. We have had hundreds of transactions go through our site without any security concerns.


Poster Types

Q: Laminated or Paper Posters?

A:Why choose laminated over paper:
The main reason for choosing laminated is because of durability. Laminated posters can go straight up onto the wall using either double sided tape or even tacks. They will withstand any moisture, whether it has been spilled or is from humidity in the air. In addition they are less likely to tear or be damaged physically. Laminated posters can be framed without a glass or plexiglass cover since they are already coated.
Two reasons to choose paper over laminated:
The main reason for choosing a paper version is because you want to dry mount and frame the posters. In this case only paper will do. Of course getting paper versions are less costly, but if you plan on keeping the posters in good condition, it is well worth the price to order them laminated.