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All of our fitness posters, exercise charts, books and DVDs are produced under
the careful eye of fitness experts with degrees in human kinetics and exercise physiology.
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Michael Jespersen - CEO, Productive Fitness
The secret to maintaining a fit and healthy life is all about having the right MINDSET. The best way to change your mindset is by making a commitment to stay fit for the rest of YOUR LIFE. So rather than making a goal to lose 15 lbs., make the commitment to be an EXERCISER for the rest of your life. By doing this you fundamentally change the way you view yourself, so now, even if you miss a workout or two or even take a pause for a year, you know you’ll get back to it because it’s WHO you are. So rather than just making a commitment to get fit, commit to Fitness for Life!

We take a lot of Pride in our Fitness Posters,
Fitness Books and Fitness DVDs.
You can be Assured they;

  • Are designed by Fitness Experts.
  • Have Clear Photos that easily illustrate the Exercise
  • Have Easy to Read Text.
  • Have been seen in the latest films and TV shows.
  • Are updated regularly to provide the best instruction.
  • Will look great (Fitness Charts) on the walls of Fitness facilities,
    Clinical settings and Home gyms.
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